• Image Analysis and Software Engineering (AIIS)

    Development of technologies aimed at the management of geographical information. Graphic visualization of terrains and geographical information through the use of standard protocols. GPS technology integration for the monitoring of georeferenced entities. Display of georeferenced information aimed at solving complex planification and management problems. Augmented reality applications. Agile software development methods, software project planning and organization techniques, design patterns analysis and applications.
  • Mathematical Image Analysis (AMI)

    Application of analytic and statistical techniques to the study and interpretation of highly complex images such as satellite images, industrial-proccess generated images, electron microscopy images, stereo and multiple-camera vision, etc.
  • Imaging, Medical Technology and Television Group (GIMET)

    Application of new technologies to video production/post-production, sports broadcasting, multimedia contents, digital photography, image-guided medical systems, biometrical analysis, elastography, non-invasive techniques, medical imaging processing (including ultrasound scans, computerized tomographies, angiographies, magnetic resonance imaging, among others). Computer-assisted diagnose. Radiology and computer-assisted surgery.